Klamath Connection Field Trip To Terwar on the Klamath River

This flight was part of the 2019 Klamath Connection program at the start of the fall semester.

King Salmon

This project was an evaluation of using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) to map Eelgrass and Bathymetry of Humboldt Bay. This project was sponsored by Thomas Gast & Associates Environmental Consultants (TGAEC).

Mono Lake

This project will define a monitoring protocol for Rush Creek which drains into Mono Lake. The creek was almost entirely diverted to provide water to Los Angeles. Today, the creek is again providing water to Mono Lake and long with other creeks, has helped partially restore the lake level. Monitoring the creek is key to determining the success of the restoration along the creek and the impact of changing levels of diversion.

Eel River Monitoring

Long-term monitoring project for studying environmental issues within the Eel River watershed including salmonid breading habitat.

Eel River Habitat Assessment

The project is being conducted to assess viable salmonid and steel-head habitat in the Eel River and its tributaries north of Scott's Dam in the Mendocino National Forest. The research will integrate data collected from ground surveys with aerial data acquired via unmanned aircraft to develop high-resolution models to used in simulating water flow conditions.

One deliverable is the project web site created by Whitney Newcomb and Samantha Ureel.

Multi-scale habitat suitability modeling for canary rockfish (Sebastes pinniger) along the Northern California coast

For the results of this study, please see Portia Saucedo's thesis.

Mapping uncertainty of habitat suitability models of four north American tree species

For the results of this study, please see Melissa Kimble's thesis


Geospatial students at HSU created this interactive map of the HSU campus.