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CanvasMap is a web mapping solution that allows you to create:

Below is an example that is running in this page in an "iframe" tag.

CanvasMap has been created using the Canvas HTML 5 element while the 3D extension is based on OpenGL.

CanvasMap supports:

Note that CanvasMap does not support web service calls such as Web Map Service (WMS) and Web Feature Service (WFS). This is because WMS has caused serious performance problems and been replaced by Web Tile Services such as those used by OpenStreetMap (OSM). CanvasMap does support tile formats that are much higher performance including OSM and ones generated by BlueSpray. BlueSpray is a GIS application developed by SchoonerTurtles and provides data preperation for Canvas Map. You can download BlueSpray from

CanvasMap was created for GIS professions with some web development experience in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. CanvasMap uses GIS terminology and provides the features GIS professionals would expect. At the same time, CanvasMap is a well written and documented software application that is based on Object-Oriented Programming methods. This makes it straightforward to extend CanvasMap to include just about anything that modern web browsers will support.

The first step for most folks is the Getting Started page and then move on to the "Tutorials". Then, create your own maps and let us know where you publish them!