About the club

Dedicated to increasing collaboration between students, the Geospatial Club is a gathering point for all those interested in the intersection between geography and technology. We strive to provide a space where students can share their knowledge to produce informative (and sexy) maps that can change the world.

This is an exciting semester to get involved with GIS Club! We have GIS day coming up and much more!


  • First club meeting and bonfire a success!!

    Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed the view! we had a great time and I cant wait for the next event! Shout out to David and Buddhika for showing up!

----Featured Map----

Wildfire in California has become more intense given dryer and hotter conditions. The purpose of this map was to visualy display how fire regimes have changed over the the last 50 years. Data sourced from Calfire's FRAP database and ASTER GDEM. - Created by Seamus Begley

Goodlands is a non-profit attempting to build a digital map portal of the Catholic Church's global landholdings. They want to use GIS to reduce the Church's ecological footprint...

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Using autonomous seabound drones, Saildrone is building the world's future ocean datasets one voyage at a time. See how their tech works and how we can use it for ocean data...

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Zach Porteous -

Seamus Begley - Treasurer

    Geospatial Club Meetings

    Meetings in NR 203, 5pm

    (Attendance during meetings is not required to be in the club!)

  • September 10th

  • September 24th

  • October 8th

  • November 5th

  • November 19th

  • December 3rd

  • December 17th