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HSU's Geospatial Curriculum

Meeting the demands of the world today

As the stewards of a planet that provides all means to our existence, we are faced with many choices. Indeed, it is the choices we make today that will determine the condition of our world tomorrow. Yet right and wrong actions are challenging to comprehend in the moment, for often it is time, and time alone, that reveals the true consequence of any decision. In the field of science, many actions of the past, made with good intentions, have resulted in negative consequences over the long term.

Today, more so than at any other point in human history, we must strive to make informed decisions that benefit the condition of our planet over the long term. Geospatial analysis offers a view of our world and the events unfolding upon it, that are critical to good decision making. The geospatial faculty at Humbodlt State strive to teach students the knowledge and skills needed to effectively capture and analyze data from the field. The expertise our students develop is of high demand in many areas including: national security, agriculture, forestry, wildlife conservation, ecology, geography, geology, anthropolgy, city planning, urban forestry, and many more.

Getting Involved

At Humboldt State University, we are strongly committed to developing every student's knowledge of the world. While at the same time, we encourage students to discover their true interests and passions. We strive to teach students to see and explore with curiosity, to think critically, and to devise solutions through knowledge and innovation. Through small class sizes and unrivaled one-on-one time with professors, we offer an exceptional learning experience. If you are interested in our geospatial program, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

HSU's Geospatial Group

HSU's geospatial program is divided into several areas encompassing online learning, student and faculty research, data acquisition and storage, and student clubs.

Quick Links

OLM Link HSU Club Link ISA Link Data Hub Link

Additional Links

Below are links to additional Geospatial resources and organizations here at HSU.

GIS Club Facebook Page join other students who are interested in GIS in fun activities.

KOSMOS Cartography Lab provides access to the latest technology for students and provides cartography services.

Library GIS Research Guide provides resources to find data, books, maps, and other GIS material.

Projection Explorer Applet visualizations of distortion from projections (having some technical difficulties, please come back next week)

Learning Facilities

Classrooms used to teach geospatial analysis at HSU provide students with exceptional learning resources. Classrooms include FR 103, FR 104A, Sci364A, and KOSMOS. FR 103, FR 104A, and Sci364A provide students with dual monitors for lab work, homework and personal projects. KOSMOS is the University's cartography lab. To learn more about cartography at HSU please visit the KOSMOS website.

Geospatial Labs

Humboldt State University maintains two labs for geospatial research. The Redwood Science Lab and the Institute for Spatial Analysis (ISA) Lab provide students and faculty with state-of-the-art resources for GIS, remote sensing, cartography, spatial modeling, and spatial programming.

Redwood Science Lab

The Redwood Science Lab is HSU's new geospatial laboratory. The lab is currently being prepared for student and faculty researchers.


The Institute for Spatial Analysis (ISA) Lab provides research resources to students and faculty. The ISA Lab provides students with assigned computers and assigned lockers. Computers are equipped with either dual monitors or a single large monitor. From the ISA Lab, students have access to the departments large format inkjet printers.

HSU is constantly updating and improving equipment and services. The University strives to provide the most up-to-date experience for students and faculty. With the addition of the Redwood Science Lab, HSU offers a beautiful facility, and a cutting-edge learning and research experience for everyone involved in the geospatial program.

Additional Information

Click here for facility hours, locations, rules and contact information

HSU GSP Classrooms
Figure 3. HSU's geospatial classrooms. Clockwise from top left: FR204A, Sci364A, FR203 student posters created with the room's large format inkjet printer, and FR203. RSL Images
Figure 1. The Redwood Science lab. Clockwise from top left: conference room, main hallway, deck, student cubicles.
ISA Lab Image 1
Figure 2. The ISA lab.

Real-World Experience

The Department of Environmental Science and Management and the Center for Service Learning and Academic Internships (CSLAI) provide undergraduate and graduate students with a wide-range of geospatial projects. The CSLAI is the hub of support for Service Learning and Academic Internship experiences at Humboldt State University, providing resources and support to faculty, community partners and students engaging in purposeful, credit-bearing educational opportunities that serve the community. To learn more, please visit Center for Service learning and Academic Internship website.

Student Projects

Undergraduate and graduate students at Humboldt State are involved in a number of service learning, internship and volunteer opportunities. The University strongly encourages students to get involved in research projects and other real-world experiences. Check out what our students have been up to by visiting the Institute for Spatial Analysis and the HSU Geospatial Club website.

Student Gallery

Posters and Maps

Students at HSU actively participate in conferences and other industry events, presenting posters and maps. These events provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of geospatial concepts, and display their cartography and graphic design prowess. The HSU Geospatial Club maintains a gallery of student work. Visit the Geospatial Club's gallery to see what HSU students have been up to.

Spotline on...

Erin Degenstein

Erin Degenstein is an Environemntal Science and Management graduate at HSU. She is currently working on modeling the likelihood of suitable habitat for invasive velvetgrass (H. lanatus) in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, to help land managers better prioritize early-detection surveys. Click here to learn more about her work.

GSP Club Logo

Geospatial Club

The geospatial club at Humboldt State strives to provide a support network for students interested in geospatial analysis. The club is comprised of students from diverse backgrounds and disciplines including environmental science and management, geology, geography, wildlife, and anthropology. The club serves to answer geospatial questions, provide instruction on equipment, provide learning experiences, and seek out and engage members in career development opportunities. Where applicable, the club also provides funding to support members interested in attending and presenting at conferences and industry related events. Club members also partake in geospatial meet-ups and outdoor events, such as geocaching. To learn more about the club, please visit the geospatial club website.

Joining the club

To join the geospatial club, please attend one of our meetings or contact us through the club's email provided on the club's website. Information about the geospatial club is also available on the geospatial club webpage on the clubs and activities website. For general information about clubs at Humboldt State University, please visit the clubs and activities homepage.

HSU Geospatial Club Image
Figure 1. 2014 Geospatial club participants in their new club sweatshirts discuss geospatial topics and upcoming activities at the Depot.

Related Clubs

The application of geospatial analysis extends into many disciplines. As such, HSU's geospatial club members come from different fields of study. To learn more about other related clubs at Humboldt State please click on the following links

Natural Resources Club

Geographic Society

Anthropology Club

Geology Club

Conservation Unlimited

Society for Conservation Biology

Wildlife Graduate Student Society

Oceanography Club

Graduate Forest Ecology Research Network (FERN)

Renewable Energy Student Union

Cartography Club

Cartography and geospatial club members currently meet together. If you are interested in cartography, please contact HSU's geography department or visit KOSMOS, the Univeristy's cartography portal.

Geospatial News

This section is currently under development. Check back soon for HSU geospatial events and information. Thank you for your patience!

Cal GIS 2015

For 2015, Humboldt State University will be hosting...

Welcoming Our new Professors

Humboldt State welcomes several new professors to the geospatial program...

ESRI User Conference

HSU grad student, Erin Degenstein, attends the ESRI User Conference in San Diego, California.

HSU Geospatial Events

Stay tuned for upcoming geospatial events!