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Learning Facilities

Classrooms used to teach geospatial analysis at HSU provide students with exceptional learning resources. Classrooms include FR 103, FR 104A, Sci364A, and KOSMOS. FR 103, FR 104A, and Sci364A provide students with dual monitors for lab work, homework and personal projects. KOSMOS is the University's cartography lab. To learn more about cartography at HSU please visit the KOSMOS website.

Geospatial Labs

Humboldt State University maintains two labs for geospatial research. The Redwood Science Lab and the Institute for Spatial Analysis (ISA) Lab provide students and faculty with state-of-the-art resources for GIS, remote sensing, cartography, spatial modeling, and spatial programming.

Redwood Science Lab

The Redwood Science Lab is HSU's new geospatial laboratory. The lab is currently being prepared for student and faculty researchers.


The Institute for Spatial Analysis (ISA) Lab provides research resources to students and faculty. The ISA Lab provides students with assigned computers and assigned lockers. Computers are equipped with either dual monitors or a single large monitor. From the ISA Lab, students have access to the departments large format inkjet printers.

HSU is constantly updating and improving equipment and services. The University strives to provide the most up-to-date experience for students and faculty. With the addition of the Redwood Science Lab, HSU offers a beautiful facility, and a cutting-edge learning and research experience for everyone involved in the geospatial program.

HSU GSP Classrooms

Figure 1. HSU's geospatial classrooms. Clockwise from top left: FR204A, Sci364A, FR203 student posters created with the room's large format inkjet printer, and FR203

RSL Images

Figure 2. The Redwood Science lab. Clockwise from top left: conference room, main hallway, deck, student cubicles.

ISA Lab Image 1

Figure 3. The ISA lab.