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Geospatial Club

The geospatial club at Humboldt State strives to provide a support network for students interested in geospatial analysis. The club is comprised of students from diverse backgrounds and disciplines including environmental science and management, geology, geography, wildlife, and anthropology. The club serves to answer geospatial questions, provide instruction on equipment, provide learning experiences, and seek out and engage members in career development opportunities. Where applicable, the club also provides funding to support members interested in attending and presenting at conferences and industry related events. Club members also partake in geospatial meet-ups and outdoor events, such as geocaching. To learn more about the club, please visit the geospatial club website.

Joining the club

To join the geospatial club, please attend one of our meetings or contact us through the club's email provided on the club's website. Information about the geospatial club is also available on the geospatial club webpage on the clubs and activities website. For general information about clubs at Humboldt State University, please visit the clubs and activities homepage.

Related Clubs

The application of geospatial analysis extends into many disciplines. As such, HSU's geospatial club members come from different fields of study. To learn more about other related clubs at Humboldt State please click on the following links

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Cartography Club

Cartography and geospatial club members currently meet together. If you are interested in cartography, please contact HSU's geography department or visit KOSMOS, the Univeristy's cartography portal.

HSU Geospatial Club Image

Figure 1. 2014 Geospatial club members